Mutual Aid

Better Waverly Mutual Aid continues to provide food boxes to over 130 households in the neighborhood every week. In addition, with help from a small grant from Johns Hopkins, community partnerships and donations, Better Waverly Mutual Aid has given out resources like masks, sanitizer, menstrual and incontinence supplies, and toilet paper. If you know someone who wants help and/or wants to get involved, they can email, or call (410) 635-0688. 

Trash Reminder

Corner Cans, Median Strips and Public Rights-of- Ways
Are Not for Household Trash

Baltimore City Department of Public Works Acting Director Matthew W. Garbark reminds City residents and businesses that corner cans are not for household or business trash.  These cans are for pedestrian litter only. Placing household trash in public corner cans results in overflowing cans and rodent problems.
Director Garbark also reminds residents that placing household trash in median strips and/or other public rights-of-way for collection is and has never been appropriate. It is unattractive and can also cause rodent problems.
Municipal Trash Cans were distributed for residents to properly dispose of trash. If your residence does not have a Municipal Trash Can, please call 311 to request one.
We all have a role in keeping the city clean. Residents and business owners are encouraged to clean any litter and trash from the front and rear of their homes and business establishments, including curbs and gutters.
Crews from the Departments of Public Works, Transportation, and Recreation and Parks are working to address trash issues in median strips, public rights-of-way, and parks.
Dumping trash in the street, alleys and/or empty yards is illegal. Any concerns about trash in these locations should be reported to 311 or called in to 410-396-5352.

Free Youth Meal Delivery

Free youth meal delivery truck to come to Better Waverly.  

It will be parked outside 901 Arts at 901  Montpelier Street starting Wednesday, April 1st.

It is a big white refrigerator truck.  It will be parked there for 30 minutes Monday-Friday from 3:15-3:45pm (for as long a the program runs-probably for as long public schools are closed)

Parents may pick up the meals for their children, if you don’t want the child outside.

They will give both lunch and breakfast for the next day.

Please stand 6 feet apart to wait to get meal. It is not breaking the stay at home order to get food.

Please tell your neighbors. 

Time: 3:15-3:45. 

Parents please take advantage of this resource. 

Questions you can call Debra at 443-802-4384. 901 Arts

Better Waverly Support Network

From Better Waverly Community Organization 

Outreach & Community Building Committee 

Co-Chairs Allie Busching and Taylor Smith-Hams


Hello Neighbors! Let’s help each other self-quarantine and stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Those of us with healthy immune systems can assist others. For example, we can pick up groceries, prescriptions, and other necessities and call folks regularly to check in.

Do you need help? Start with a buddy system: if you are self-quarantining and have someone you can ask for help, great! If you don’t have a neighbor you’re comfortable asking for help, call or text so we can connect you with someone who is eager to help.

Do you want to help? Call or text if you want to help neighbors who need support by running errands and other needs that may arise.

Contact: (410) 635-0688, < >

This is NOT an emergency line. If you need immediate support, please call 911.

BWCO Board Meetings

Marian House/ Serenity Place are currently closed which means BWCO will not be able to hold its April board meeting at that location. The board has yet to decide whether to meet or not in April in person.

BWCO Spring 2020 Newsletter

Recently BWCO postponed the Spring 2020 General Meeting and agreed to get out a newsletter to circulate door-to-door letting neighbors know about this decision while also providing some timely news. Timely became problematic because of the daily rush of cancellations, closures, etc. Volunteers have been distributing the newsletter, the front page of which is included here; the other side contained a CDC flyer about coronavirus:

Better Waverly Community Organization Spring 2020 Newsletter

Spring General Meeting: For the safety of our community we postponed this meeting until a later date.

Census 2020: You can choose to complete the census online, by phone, or by mail. Visit Census 2020 at If you have questions, contact the Census bureau at 1-844-330-2020.

Vote 2020: Early voting for Maryland’s primary election will now be held Thursday, May 21 through Thursday, May 28, 2020 and the primary election will now be Tuesday, June 2, 2020.Voters can mail in ballots if they wish by requesting an absentee ballot at The general election for the seat formerly held by Elijah Cummings in the US House of Representatives remains on April 28 but will only be done by mail in ballots, which will be sent to eligible voters.

Dumpster Dates 2020:  March 28 at Gorsuch & Independence / May 9 at 700 Block 30th Street /August 1 at Homestead & Frisby / October 10 at Ellerslie & Montpelier

Mayor’s Spring Clean Up April 18, 2020:Better Waverly will be joining the Mayor in the Spring Clean Up. If you are interested in joining us, we will be meeting on the Homestead and Frisby vacant lot at 9am. Supplies will be given out (if provided by the city) and a dumpster will be available. We recommend you dress accordingly and wear protective gear as well.  We will be cleaning up from 9am-1pm. Come join us. NOTE: THIS WAS CANCELLED!

We’re online: Web: / Facebook: / NextDoor (If not already a member, go to / Email:

From the Chair: The Better Waverly Community Organization is proud to be of service to every member of this community and it s our privilege to do so. It is a comfort knowing we are here for one another at such a time as this. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We are just a phone call or email away. 

Better Waverly Community Organization Officers/Directors/Committee Chairs: Sonja Merchant Jones & Michelle Cannady, Co-Chairs / Sharon Neely, Treasurer / Joe Stewart, Secretary / William Cannady, Parliamentarian /Allie Busching / Debra Evans / Taylor Smith-Hams / Communications Committee – Michelle Cannady / Finance – Sharon Neely / Outreach & Community Building – Allie Busching & Taylor Smith-Hams / Safety – Joe Stewart 

From 14th District City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke: Dear 14th District Neighbors, Thanks for the cooperation and generosity this coronavirus has inspired throughout our neighborhoods and Baltimore City as a whole. We may stand 12-feet apart in avoiding contagion, but we have never been closer in joining forces to protect each other, especially those neighbors most dependent on our help. Whether from our City Hall office or teleworking from home, my staff and I will be available throughout, so please stay in touch with questions, problems, and ideas. Our office number is 410-396-4814. My cell is 443-676-6187. Blessings on Baltimore and us all as we see this through together. Mary Pat

COVID-19 Neighborhood Support: As we mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 the best thing we can do is support those close to us with compromised immune systems. Those of us with healthy immune systems can assist our neighbors. When we are well we can buy groceries, pick up prescriptions, offer to walk our neighbor’s dogs or do anything else that would make it easier for folks to stay inside. If you are a vulnerable individual and need assistance self quarantining find out about “vulnerable persons” signup sheets and resources to get connected with a local neighbor who can help you with activities outside of the home. Contact And In Better Waverly please contact Allie <>, Taylor <> or Sharon <>. For 43rd District, contact Senator Mary Washington at <>.

Baltimore City Primary

The date of the primary election has been changed to Tuesday June 2 with early voting rescheduled to Thursday May 21 through Thursday May 28. The special general election to replace Elijah Cummings in the US House of Representatives remains April 28 but that election will only be done by mail. Anyone eligible to vote in the primary can vote by mail if they wish but must request an absentee ballot from the Baltimore City Board of Election. The general election following the primary will be on Tuesday November 3, 2020.

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