Cleaning & Greening

William Cannady – The Green and Clean Committee will seek to identify opportunities and deploy them within the boundaries of Better Waverly for cleaning and adding landscaping items to beautify the neighborhood and support the local ecosystem. We will access and utilize city services to assist in doing our part to aid in beautifying the city, as well as organizing the community to aid in this effort. Through the use of large dumpsters, green and clean walks and other ideas brought by the community, we can make Better Waverly a green and clean place to live.


Michelle Cannady – The Communications Committee will be responsible for the overseeing of all platforms used to communicate to the members of the BWCO. It’s responsibilities will include: Launching an official Facebook page; Relaunch and production of the community newsletter ( quarterly- 2 page) to be available on website and Facebook page and also hand distributed to residences; Produce and distribute meeting flyers to all community residents; Provide updates on any meetings attended as to update board/ residents on impacts to the neighborhood; Coordinate with other committees when necessary to make sure residents are receiving correct and timely information.


Sharon Neely – The Finance Committee will ensure the financial sustainability of the BWCO.  It’s goals/activities will include: Electronically document how to complete annual filings; Determine if there is a better bank we could be using; Provide financial updates at each meeting; Research sources of grant funding; Forecast fundraising needs; Collaborate on any potential grant-writing or fundraising activities.

Outreach & Community Building

The Outreach and Community-Building Committee’s primary focus  is cultivate more active cooperative community engagement and resource sharing effort to help all those who live and work in Better Waverly live more healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives. To achieve these goals, some of our activities may include, but will not be limited to: Conduct direct outreach and communication with residents, business owners, and individuals interested in the Better Waverly community to share information about BWCO and incorporate a greater number of community voices into BWCO decision making. Create opportunities for community members to learn about resources in the neighborhood such as the Baltimore Community Mediation Center, the Waverly Branch Library, the Waverly YMCA, 901 Arts, and many others; and identify opportunities to strengthen new resource development in ways that are responsive to community needs and interests. Helping to plan and facilitate community events and forums that attract and engage a greater number of Better Waverly residents in the BWCO and activities of the community.


The Safety Committee: Works with Northern Police District (ND), ND Neighborhood Collaboration Unit, ND Community Relations Council, Charles Village Community Benefits District Safety Advisory Council, Waverly Main Street, North Baltimore Neighborhoods Guardian Angels, CeaseFireBaltimore other collaborative efforts to promote safety in and around Waverly Village; Monitors social media, e.g. Next Door, Facebook, to help insure residents are alerted to criminal activities taking place in the neighborhood and provide residents with safety tips; Liaisons with Northern District Police to insure residents’ crime and safety concerns are addressed, residents can confidentially communicate with law enforcement officers, and community policing efforts are pursued; Organizes periodic Walking Waverly strolls through the community; Shares information with residents about upcoming activities and events which are concerned with crime and safety.