From pastoral Victorian to urban hip, Better Waverly is a village of former estates, quaint, quirky converted summer cottages, simple frames and duplexes in assorted sizes and shapes as well as rows of solid daylight brick homes featuring glassed in sun porches on little tree-lined lanes and broad boulevards. And with countless amenities within walking distance, Better Waverly is a great place to live. We take pride in our crossroads community, a unique, eclectic and urban neighborhood in Baltimore City.


The Better Waverly Community Organization was established in 1978 to empower individuals and groups and work in cooperation with community stakeholders to improve the quality of life and strengthen community in the Better Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore.


Board of Directors meetings, open to the public, take place the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Serenity Place, 932 Gorsuch Avenue. BWCO's annual meeting is in September and general meetings are held in March and June.


Once a respite for wealthy merchants to escape the heat, summer vacationers and shopkeepers founded a Victorian Village in the mid-19th century. Mass transit paved the way for folks of modest means to move into red brick homes built a century ago. Today Waverly is a crossroads in Baltimore.