Free Youth Meal Delivery

Free youth meal delivery truck to come to Better Waverly.  

It will be parked outside 901 Arts at 901  Montpelier Street starting Wednesday, April 1st.

It is a big white refrigerator truck.  It will be parked there for 30 minutes Monday-Friday from 3:15-3:45pm (for as long a the program runs-probably for as long public schools are closed)

Parents may pick up the meals for their children, if you don’t want the child outside.

They will give both lunch and breakfast for the next day.

Please stand 6 feet apart to wait to get meal. It is not breaking the stay at home order to get food.

Please tell your neighbors. 

Time: 3:15-3:45. 

Parents please take advantage of this resource. 

Questions you can call Debra at 443-802-4384. 901 Arts