Community Standards

Dear Neighbor,

All of us want good neighbors living next door. No one wants bad neighbors on a block. The residents of Better Waverly agree that the following are basic elements of being a good neighbor:

  • Put out trash no earlier than 6pm on Thursdays. Baltimore City law requires residents to use a trash can with a lid. Residents should call 311 if they see trash in plastic bags or trash put out before 6pm.
  • Respect the peace and quiet of others. Please do not play loud music, honk car horns. Be considerate when you host a party. Residents should call 911 about disturbances.
  • Keep alleys and sidewalks around your house clear of leaves, litter and snow.
  • Post house number on the front of your house and on your rear fence so that fire, police and rescue responders can clearly see them.
  • Maintain your house according to the City’s housing code. Please contact the Better Waverly Community Organization (BWCO) if you need assistance making necessary repairs. Also contact BWCO about abandoned or neglected properties.

These aren’t the only things important to be a good neighbor. We hope residents will demonstrate pride in our community. Turn on your front light each evening or put flower pots on your front steps.

We want our neighborhood to be attractive, desirable and welcoming to new neighbors. It’s also important that we keep up our community standards so that neighbors can sell their home when they want or need to move away. Blight, neglect, rats, and litter tell people we don’t care or have given up. Stable, strong neighborhoods work diligently to maintain community standards.

We have made it clear to City agencies that we expect their support in upholding our community standards. We urge you to be a good neighbor. Help us make Better Waverly a place that is clean, cared for, safe and welcoming every day of the year.

Your Neighbors,
The Better Waverly Board of Directors