Activities and Events

The Activities and Events Committee works to encourage Better Waverly residents to participate in their community. The Activities and Events Committee coordinates BWCO’s sponsorship of community events and informs the community through a regular newsletter.

Contact: Abby Neyenhouse

Cleaning & Greening

The Cleaning & Greening Committee works to beautify the neighborhood in connection with the BMORE Beautiful campaign. The committee coordinates activities and projects such as community dumpster days and trash pickup to keep the neighborhood clean.

The committee also oversees the maintenance of planted public spaces in Better Waverly, including Homestead Harvest, an organic, cooperative community garden located on the 600 block of Homestead Street, and Montpelier Orchard, a fruit and nut orchard on the 900 block of Montpelier Street.

Contact: Miguel de la Fuente


The Finance Committee assists the BWCO Treasurer in her/his duties, which include budgeting, bookkeeping, and reporting. The Treasurer and Finance Committee ensure that BWCO is kept in good standing with the State of Maryland and the IRS. The Finance Committee works with the Treasurer and the Board to make sure that the BWCO’s finances are kept in proper order and that BWCO can pay its bills.

Contact: Debra Evans


The Fundraising Committee raises money to pay for costs required to keep BWCO running as an official non-profit organization. BWCO’s committees are strongly encouraged to do their own fundraising to support their projects, programs and events, but the Fundraising Committee is also tasked with raising money that any committee can request to spend.

Contact: Sonja Merchant-Jones

Housing and Land Use

The Housing and Land Use Committee works with neighborhood residents, property owners, and City departments to correct health, sanitation, safety and other code violations. The committee addresses nuisances related to property upkeep and works to maintain high community standards.

The Housing and Land Use Committee also works with property owners and City departments to address how properties in the neighborhood are used. The committee reviews proposals to change the use of a property in accordance with the City’s zoning code. The Land Use and Architectural Review Committee reviews proposed changes to historic properties within the Better Waverly Historic District in coordination with the City.

Contact: Phil LaCombe


The Safety Committee also organizes activities within the neighborhood to address public safety. The committee works with law enforcement authorities on community policing, which is a strategy that involves building trust and using problem solving to address public safety issues including crime and fear of crime. The Safety Committee hears safety concerns of residents and attempts to address them in partnership with the Baltimore City Police’s Northern District.

Contact: Joe Stewart


The Youth Committee organizes programming for the community’s youth. Its activities include 901 Arts, a community-based youth arts center that provides a safe, creative, and empowering space for Better Waverly Youth to express themselves and develop as artists and community leaders.

Contact: Debra Evans