BWCO Nov. 2020 Zoom Meeting Notes

On Wednesday November 11, Better Waverly Community Organization (BWCO) hosted the first of two ZOOM meetings. The second one is scheduled for 6pm Wednesday December 9, 2020. Information about how to join that meeting will be circulated closer to then, including on the website, Facebook Page and on Better Waverly Next Door.

Present at the 11/11/2020 ZOOM meeting were BWCO officers/directors: Michelle Cannady (co-chair), Will Cannady (parliamentarian), Sharon Neely (treasurer), Joe Stewart (secretary) & Debra Evans, Better Waverly residents: Nova Robinson, Carly Wais, Jon Smeton, Julie Buisson, Nora Bundy & Najee Haynes-Follins, and guests: Retiring 14th District Baltimore City Councilperson Mary Pat Clarke, 43rd District MD State Delegate Regina Boyce, Strong City Baltimore Neighborhood Programs Mike Cross-Barnet & Johns Hopkins Community Affairs Director Jennifer Mielke.

Mary Pat Clarke thanked BWCO for the many years she has been honored to serve the neighborhood and noted that as Citizen Clarke in the future she remains available to help us whenever she is needed. Delegate Boyce urged everyone to get a flu shot.

Jennifer Mielke and Mike Cross-Barnet introduced themselves and noted that Johns Hopkins and Strong City Baltimore wanted to continue to work with and support our community.

Praise was given to Better Waverly Mutual Aid (BWMA) which continues to provide food boxes to over 130 households in the neighborhood every week. In addition, with help from a small grant from Johns Hopkins, community partnerships and donations, Better Waverly Mutual Aid has given out resources like masks, sanitizer, menstrual and incontinence supplies, and toilet paper. If you know someone who wants help and/or wants to get involved, they can email, or call (410) 635-0688.  A BWMA volunteer member noted that help was needed for a family that lost their home in a house fire on the 800 block of Montpelier Street recently. 

Better Waverly resident Julie Buisson asked that BWCO consider serving as fiscal sponsor for a grant request to benefit three greening projects (Orchard Project, Homestead Harvest & Reese Street Green Lot). She was asked to submit a written request with details for the BWCO board to consider.

Better Waverly resident Jon Smeton asked that BWCO consider forming a Legislative Committee to seek out and represent the opinions of our neighbors in the Better Waverly area to our elected representatives at the city, state, and national level. He submitted a written proposal which the BWCO will be considering.

BWCO board member Debra Evans noted that 901 Arts is up and running outside at 901 Montpelier Street.