BWCO Meeting Notes

The Wednesday January 13, 2021 BWCO Zoom meeting did occur but with technical problems that prevented some people from joining and that resulted in an unplanned early ending when Zoom time ran out. We apologize to anyone who tried but failed to join us. The link we circulated to join the meeting failed to connect folks which we only learned shortly after the meeting was to start. We apologize to anyone who made it on but then got cut off abruptly when Zoom decided our free time was up. We are working on solutions and will provide notice of future meetings sometime soon.

In attendance at our January meeting were Will Cannady, Sonja Merchant Jones, Joe Stewart, Sharon Neely, Waverly Main Street Executive Director Matt Smith, 14th District Councilwoman Odette Ramos and Vehicles for Change Director of Communications Simone Baptiste. 

Matt Smith briefed us on current Waverly Main Street (WMS) activities. He has agreed to put his presentation on the WMS website and we agreed to circulate a link to that once it is available.

Odette Ramos briefed us on her time in office since being  sworn in this past December. She was commended for her regular email blasts that are keeping her constituents very well informed. 

The Zoom clock ran out before Simone Baptiste was able to brief us unfortunately but she will be invited back to share what Waverly Vehicles for Change is doing.