BWCO March Zoom Meeting Notes

Joining BWCO officers/directors Will Cannady, Joe Stewart, Debra Evans, Sharon Neely and Sonja Merchant Jones online were 14th City Council District Member Odette Ramos, Waverly Main Street Vice President Eric Lee, James’ Holyland Vendor James Harrison, and Down and Dirty Make Ready Proprietor Melissa Ham.

In board business a motion passed authorizing Debra Evans to apply for Adopt-A-Lot status for 718-720 East 30th Street space adjacent to 30th & Montpelier Park. 

Concerns about where, when and how trash was being put out and the use of cones to save parking spots on city streets will be addressed by providing friendly neighbor reminder letters to residents. The board will also try to produce another paper newsletter to circulate door-to-door sometime in the near future.

Redevelopment plans for 752 E. 30th Street are being looked at with some concerns about its possible use as a rooming house or transitional living home.

Debra Evans urged residents with children and youth to check out the flyers posted for 901 Arts outside 901 Montpelier as activities are ongoing during the pandemic with many or most of them online.

Sharon Neely, serving on the 14th District Covid-19 Work Group from Better Waverly, noted that she and some other volunteers were working to help seniors get vaccine appointments. Contact her if you know a senior in the neighborhood who needs help scheduling their vaccine shots at <>.

Eric Lee, now a Better Waverly resident, gave a brief report on the work being done by Waverly Main Street. Odette Ramos updated the board on work she is doing in the district. James Harrison invited residents to visit his Holyland stall at the corner of East 32nd & Greenmount. Melissa Ham invited residents to visit the website for her lawn care business at <>

The next regularly scheduled second Tuesday monthly meeting of BWCO will be 6pm to 7:30pm on Tuesday April 13, 2021. An invitation and link will go out closer to that date.