BWCO: Checking IN

Better Waverly Community Organization (BWCO) had an outdoor in person socially distanced mask wearing meeting of officers and directors on the evening of Oct. 7th at a Gorsuch Avenue lawn near Ellerslie Avenue. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, BWCO has not been able to hold normal monthly board meetings or general meetings either. No annual meeting took place in September to elect new directors. BWCO asks Better Waverly neighbors to accept the 2019-2020 officers and directors prolonging their terms until such time as a general election meeting seems both feasible and safe. 

To better serve our community, we will begin hosting monthly Zoom meetings at which residents will be welcome to join. More details will follow; but for now we want you to know that we hope to have Zoom meetings set up for 6pm Wednesday November 11 and 6pm Wednesday December 9, 2020. Our current officers and directors are: Michelle Cannady & Sonja Merchant Jones (co-chairs), Sharon Neely (treasurer) & Joe Stewart (secretary), William Cannady (parliamentarian) and Debra Evans. 

We invite you to visit us online at <> and on Facebook and to join Better Waverly Next Door if you haven’t already done so. We will post links to our Zoom meetings on our website, on our Facebook page and on Better Waverly Next Door.

We recognize how pinched and strapped many people are and will understand if you are not able to join or rejoin as a dues paying member. But if you are able and willing to do so, dues checks payable to BWCO can be mailed to BWCO, Post Office Box 16007, Baltimore MD 21218. Dues are $5 for individual residents and $10 for households.

If you would like to receive an email invitation to a Zoom meeting, please send a message to our secretary, Joe Stewart, at <>.